Home Inspection Issues – Attics Do Matter

The attic is a major interior area that is usually overlooked by both sellers and buyers. It can actually have some defects that could impact the whole house. So in any home inspection, whether you are the buyer or seller, make sure the attic is included in the evaluation. In the attic may be electrical wiring, duct work, equipment and support structures that may have damage that could jeopardize the stability and healthy condition of your home.

Attic damages may or may not be visible to the naked eye. When hiring a home inspector make sure they are very familiar with attic issues and are very capable of determining issues that may not be clearly evident. Here are some attic issues that are reviewed during an inspection and problems that have been discovered in other residences.

Support beams and trusses serve as the spine or the backbone of your roofing. Your service professional should observe these. He will check to see if these support beams are still sturdy enough to last for many more years of occupation. Sometimes contractors cut beams in order to install plumbing vents, equipment or other items. This can impact the structural stability of the home.

The attic is a dark area that is usually deprived of good lighting. Shady areas are perfect regions that allow pests to survive. Pests can eat up the interior wood structures, wall skeletons, cause damage to wire insulation, and leave excrement that can be a health hazard.

Attic pests can come in many forms from insects, such as roaches and termites, to rodents and can even include bats and squirrels.

If a pest problem is identified hire a pest control manager and exterminator to fully extinguish roach nests, rodent drippings and holes, ant colonies and termite tenting. Without proper pest fumigation and extermination, your house could be a fire and health hazard.

When an attic is too dark and enclosed without proper ventilation, it becomes really damp. And dampness can result in mold formation and other bacteria invasion. Your home inspector should report on any mold that is found.

Insulation is very important to your home. The inspector should check if the attic and ceiling installation are enough to sustain varied temperatures. You might need to add or remove excess insulation for better house temperature. The material should be in good condition to properly perform and protect your environment.

The chimney should be cleaned before moving in. Some chimneys through years of continuous burning at the fireplace and heaters, gather up soot and dirt. When the entry and exit are blocked, you could be putting yourself in danger if you decide to use anything that discharges through the chimney. The condition of the chimney construction should also be reviewed. Carbon dioxide can build up very quickly if not ventilated properly.

The home inspector will check the attic for leaks and water spots. He will be able to tell if there are holes that were only patched up temporarily. Before moving in you could request that these areas be fixed. He will be able to spot previous or current water intrusion. Damages due to water leaks and wood cracks make your interior and exterior weak.

The attic can reveal a lot about a house. It is very important that you have the services of a trained professional to examine this area of the dwelling. When it is damaged, it could cost you a lot to get it repaired. Be sure that you choose materials that will last a long time; this is not the place to take short cuts. The attic protects the entire house. A professional home inspector will be able to give you a detailed report on the condition of your attic.

Never forget that the most exposed part of your home is the top. Your attic is most vulnerable to damages. Having your home inspected by a professional home inspector would truly provide a good roof over your head.

Your home is a big investment so hire an inspector that cares about your investment.

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