Home Inspection Checks Your Electrical System

A home inspection is necessary for any type of home you are buying. Both new homes and existing homes can have problems. By having a home inspection performed by an inspector you hire you will have someone looking out for your interests in the home buying process. By working with a good inspector you will be aware of issues with the home and whether these issues are major or minor issues. This can be a great way to protect yourself when buying a home. You are making a large investment and deserve to have someone who can properly examine the home and make sure you are an informed buyer.

When it comes to the electrical system and the appliances in your home the inspector should examine these systems. This will help to identify hazards you should be aware of in the home. Most any electrical issue found in the home should be rectified, even small issues. Your inspector may find that GFI outlets are not present in the kitchen or bathroom. While this may not be a major issue to remedy, it can be a major safety issue for your family. GFI outlets are meant to trip and disconnect power when there is an electrical surge through an outlet. These types of surges are more likely in wet areas like the kitchen and bath. These outlets have saved people’s lives by disconnecting power and thus saving them from being hurt or killed by electrocution.

The home inspector should also examine the appliances in the home. This is to identify proper working order, review maintenance and spot hazards. Your inspector may even be able to point out the best ways for you to improve your home for greater energy efficiency so that you know what items will provide you the best return on your investment of maintenance or replacement of appliances.

While electricity is essential to our modern way of life it still remains a dangerous hazard to your family when it is not properly installed or maintained.

Many homeowners perform their own repairs on their home and there are many that also perform home improvements themselves. Unfortunately many of these repairs and improvements are not done properly. Some create more of a safety hazard than others.

It would probably amaze you to know of some of the electrical issues inspectors routinely find in homes. Some of these issues you may spot during your own walk-through of a home but many are not seen during a standard home walk-through. Many home owners take for granted that repairs, replacements and improvements were properly done when quite often this is not the case.

Your own experience with home repairs may make you realize that a light installed in a bathroom shower is not rated to be installed in a wet location or you may overlook this item when you are busy looking at the layout and colors in the bathroom. This type of installation creates a major safety issue for anyone using the shower. Your inspector may spot a water heater that is not properly wired. This is a major safety hazard but it is also the type of issue that most home buyers would not be aware of just from walking through the home.

A good home inspector will take the time to thoroughly examine your home for these issues and many other electrical issues during their inspection. They will take pictures of major issues and include all the information in their report. If you attend the inspection the inspector will also show you these items and explain to you why they are hazardous.

Make sure you take the time to hire the right inspector for your home. One who will take the time to do a thorough inspection, one who has the experience to spot issues and one who will take the time to explain the issues so that you understand them. A good inspector will also take the time to help you understand how to maintain your new home. Working with a good inspector can be a wonderful experience that will help you to enjoy your new home even more.

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