A Home Inspection To Protect Your Children

If you have children you will be raising in your home, then you know the feeling of concern and worry about their well-being. You want them to be safe and to feel comfortable whenever they’re home. They will take their safety for granted but you should not.
How safe is the home you are buying? This is a question that every parent should ask themselves before they close on a property. For dad, who is commonly considered the repair man, this might be a really important question. If you don’t have the time, money or desire to do a lot of unexpected repairs after you move in, then a home inspection should be on your to-do list.
The feeling of safety should not be taken for granted. The state or condition of a house can vary widely and even newly constructed homes can have issues.
One cannot feel relaxed and comfortable when they realize that they are living in a place with hazards. And that’s why it’s more important than ever to have the place inspected before you proceed to settlement.
A home inspection is a process where a trained professional reviews and examines the residence. Through their visual analysis from the backyard to the basement, they are able to distinguish what portions are safe, what portions are dangerous, and what areas require caution or at the very least observation over the next few months or years.
A home inspection therefore encompasses a number of utilities and systems. Generally speaking it includes foundations, walls, ceiling, roofing, plumbing, drainage, wiring, electrical, and even equipment.
The inspection will take several hours. Exactly how long depends on the size of the home, how many issues there are and also how thorough an inspection the inspector performs. You should attend the inspection so that you can ask questions and become informed about the house you will be living in.
The inspector will show you important items like where the main water shut-off and main electrical shut-off are located. He will also give you maintenance information to help you avoid repairs in the future.
During the inspection he will examine the property and identify repairs that are needed, maintenance that is needed, items that are not installed properly, and potential safety issues. This will be documented in the report you receive including pictures to show you the items.
With the information you receive during the walk-through and from the report you will be able to determine what issues, if any, should be addressed with the seller. Items may be identified that you want the seller to repair. Or you may decide to negotiate price concessions to compensate for the work that must be done.
You will be informed of any issues that could impact the safety of your children.
Not only will a trained professional be able to spot issues, he will also be able to asses the seriousness of the issue. So by the time your inspection is completed you will know what must be taken care of.
If no major issues are identified, you will have the peace of mind of knowing you protected your children by having their new home examined by a trained professional.

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