3 Questions That Will Stop Your Dream Home From Becoming A Nightmare

You’re made your selection and now you are in the process of buying your dream home. This is the time to be thinking of getting the home inspected. Whether it is your very first home or one of many it is a big step. There are many horror stories, and you may have heard some, of people who buy a home and then unexpectedly had to spend thousands of dollars to fix something. If is terrible when those repairs should have been known before they bought the property.

That dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare when repair bills start popping up.

Many people who incur unexpected costs decided to save money by not having the home inspected. No interior inspection was done other than what the buyer happened to see during a quick walk-through. The same with their not being a plumbing inspection, roof inspection or electrical inspection. Any home can possibly have hidden problems, both new and existing homes.

An experienced home inspector who will take the time to properly inspect the property can help you by identifying these issues and clearly explaining the condition of the house. But you may not know how to choose an inspector who will provide you with a good inspection.

Some states have no licensing or certification procedures for home inspectors. And in many states the requirements are minimal. So selecting a good inspector who will be professional and knowledgeable can be difficult.

Ask the inspector you are considering the following questions to help you hire the right home inspector.

The very first question you should ask a home inspector you are speaking to is:
Are you a full time inspector and can you prove it?

Full-time inspectors are more dedicated to their work and by performing many inspections fine-tune their skills. This inspector loves what he does. You want an inspector who has your best interests in mind and not someone looking to earn a few bucks on the side.

It is your home and your money. Do not be afraid to ask questions and hire the right inspector.

No inspector will work harder for you than someone who is the owner of his own inspection company. So ask if the inspector is the owner. The inspector who owns his company depends on providing you exceptional service in order to stay in business. With an inspection from the owner of the company your inspector will have a vested interest in ensuring your satisfaction. No employee has the same level of dedication.

One more question to ask is whether or not your home inspection is guaranteed. Ask if the inspection is guaranteed and what the terms are. Most quality inspectors offer a satisfaction guarantee.

People often shop on price because they do not know what questions to ask. You are investing a lot of your hard-earned dollars into the purchase of your home. A cheap inspection could cost you down the road in repairs and issues that were not identified during the inspection. Cheap inspectors do not spend the same amount of time going through the home and the inspections are not as thorough. Hire a professional inspector who will take the time to do a detailed inspection and explain to you clearly what was found.

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