Other Inspection Costs

Other Inspection Costs

In addition to the standard home inspection there are some additional inspections on a home. Some of these inspections may be required and others are optional during the home buying process.

WDO Inspection: This is a Wood Destroying Organisms inspection, commonly referred to as a termite inspection.

Radon Inspection: Radon is an odorless gas that seeps up from the ground. It is known to cause cancer especially at higher concentration levels. If you are in an area of the country that has any risk of radon, have the home inspected. One home may have high levels of radon while the homes on either side of it do not.

Mold Inspection: This inspection is done specifically to look for and identify the presence of any mold or evidence of past mold problems.

Septic Inspection: If the home is not on a public sewage system and instead has a private septic system it is smart to have the septic system inspected.

Well Inspection: Homes with private wells instead of public water should have the wells inspected.

Lead Inspection: A lead inspection is a good idea and sometimes required in older homes that may have lead paint in the home.

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