Inspection Types

Types of Inspections

Buyer’s Inspection:

A buyer’s inspection, also known as a pre-closing inspection, is done after the buyer signs a contract but before they go to closing on the home. As a home buyer you should always hire an inspector yourself even if there has already been an inspection done on the home. You want to choose the inspector. Plus want an inspector who is working for you and will look out for your interests.

Seller’s Inspection:

A seller’s inspection, also known as a pre-listing inspection, is done by the seller before listing their home for sale. It can also be done while the home is on the market. The purpose is to help advise the home owner of any issues likely to come up during a home inspection so that the owner can address or repair the issue. It can save the owner from surprise expenses brought to light by a buyer’s inspection. It can also inspire confidence with buyers and possibly get the seller more prospects or a quicker contract.

New Construction Phase / Draw Inspections:

These inspections are completed for home buyers and owners or construction lenders during the construction process. The home is inspected at various stages in the building process as part of the quality assurance checks. It can also be done as a requirement prior to the release of the next phase of funding. The timing and reports for these inspections can be customized to fit the needs of the client.

One Year Warranty Inspections:

Most new homes have a one year warranty provided by the builder. The One Year Warranty Inspection is done so that the home owner has an independent review of the condition of the home before the warranty expires. The inspector may find items that the builder would pay for under the warranty that they were not even aware existed. The inspector’s report provides documentation that the owner can take to the builder in order to get warranty items taken care of by the builder.

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