Cost of Home Inspection

The cost of your home inspection will vary depending on many factors.

Throughout the US the price of a home inspection varies just depending on your location. Just like houses are more expensive in some areas, so are the inspections. You can expect that if you are buying a home in an area with more expensive homes that the home inspection will also be more. And likewise, in an area of less expensive homes the inspection will be less than in pricier areas.

The size of the home also effects the inspection cost. The larger the home, the more there is to inspect and therefor the more expensive the inspection will be. Larger homes often have more appliances which require additional inspection time. Sometimes larger homes also have multiple heating and cooling systems which increase the time and the cost of the inspection.

The age of a home can be a factor in the cost of your home inspection. If the home is much older most inspectors will charge an additional fee. At what age an additional fee is added varies from area to area. For instance, in some areas inspectors will charge an additional fee if the home is more than 20 years old while in another area the home may need to be 50 or even 100 years old before an additional fee is added.

Additional living quarters – like a mother-in-law apartment – will most likely result in an increase in the fee.

Outbuildings will increase your cost. If there are separate sheds, garages or other buildings besides the main house then you will incur an additional inspection fee for these.

Other features will also up your fee. For example, a pool is not included in most home inspection fees. If the inspector does perform pool inspections it will most likely cost you more for the inspection. Your geographical location has some sway in this factor. If you’re buying a home in an area where pools are a common feature of homes in the area then it is likely that your inspector can inspect the pool. In these areas inspectors often will include the pool inspection at no additional charge.

Make sure you inform the inspector when you schedule your inspection of any of these items that may influence the pricing. You do not want to be surprised by additional fees after the inspector shows up to perform the inspection. You want to make sure you know the real cost of the home inspection when scheduling.

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